Large Packs

Sheep / Lamb Curry Cut
Gross Wt: 1 kg
Net Wt: 1 kg
MRP 945.00 INR 829.00

Large Packs FAQ

Where is meatiness chicken sourced

meatiness sources chicken from certified vendors only

Why should I buy chicken from mesatiness?

you have many reasons to choose meatiness chicken. you are rest assured of the meat being checked, handled and packed to the highest standards

what is the right way to store and consume checken

its is best consumed on the same day its received, if you wish to store keep between 0 - 5 degrees . incase you want to store it longer than store it in the freezer at less than -18 degree

Is the chicken on meatiness chemical & antibiotic free

yes it is

is the mutton on meatiness fresh?

yes mutton sold on meatiness is always fresh

whats the difference between lamb or sheep & goat meat

Goat usually lives in warmer regions while sheep live in colder places, while goat meat has a higher nutritional value, meat from sheep / lamb is a lot tender

Is the meat (chicken & Mutton) Halal

All meat (Chicken & Mutton) is Halal Cut and certified.